80.5 – Not-So-Fantastic Beasts

Look at that, a true “mini-episode in name only,” clocking in at our normal episode length! With the third movie in the Fantastic Beasts series having just been released to theaters to a resounding “Meh,” Leigh, Brendan, and Chris took this opportunity to look back at perhaps the most fascinatingly bungled cursed franchise of our time (no, not Universal’s Dark Universe). We begin with Chris trying to guess what Crimes of Grindelwald was about (truly, good luck there, even Wikipedia can’t really clarify it) and follow it with an in-depth discussion of how everything fell apart following a fairly promising start. We also introduce the next full-length episode’s movie, which surprisingly gave us just as much to talk about as a raging TERF’s bizarrely plotted follow-up to a story about a wizard school.

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