5 – Southland Tales

Southland Tales

Celebrate the birth of America with the most confusing and apocalyptic vision of its end! Richard Kelly’s sprawling 2006 saga Southland Tales is perhaps the most bizarre and challenging film the Why Watch crew has seen so far, but we stayed up until 1 AM diagramming it on a big white board just so we could make sense of it all. If you enjoy discussions of morality, Biblical allusions, and SNL actors doing things you might not expect SNL actors to do, then this is the episode for you! If you have time on your day off, rate us on iTunes or Stitcher, like us at facebook.com/whywatchpodcast, follow us on Twitter @whywatchpodcast, and consider watching some classic July 4th films like The Music Man or The Warriors!


  • 3 oz VINIQ Glow
  • white iced tea
  • peach garnish

Berries von Westphalen


  • I don’t know, just throw some berries or peaches or some shit in a bowl and add liberal amounts of whipped cream
  • Look, see, Chris’s is like a mushroom cloud from the Abeline nuclear explosion at the beginning
  • And Brendan did a red state / blue state thing with whipped topping going around / through it ala Fluid Karma
  • Just do whatever makes you happy, I guess

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