35 – Riding the Bullet

Nothing says “we are in the thick of October, that which is widely considered the spookiest month of the year” like facing your fears, whether they are the loss of a loved one or that one wooden roller coaster you didn’t want that time at the fair or whatever. Well, be sure to safely fasten your overhead bar, because for our annual Halloween Spooktacular we watch the thrilling padded-to-feature-length-from-a-Stephen-King-short-story movie Riding the Bullet. Join Leigh, Brendan, and Chris as they discuss this horribly slight story about a college student hitchhiking to see his hospitalized mom one night in 1969 and also there’s ghosts and stuff. We focus on the thing the movie does well (atmosphere?), the things (plural) it does poorly (mostly everything else?), talk about how we’d make this ambling wisp of a movie better, and play a fun new game to create potentially horrible shots. As always, rate us, like us, subscribe to us, and remeber- in the end, nobody lives forever, but we all shine on.


  • 6 different types of alcohol (we used vodka, tequila, gin, white rum, whiskey, and brandy)
  • 6 different mixers (we used cranberry juice, pink lemonade, orange juice, sparkling apple juice, and triple sec)

Assemble the six bottles of alcohol in one line and the six bottles of mixers in another. Assign numbers from one through six to both the alcohol and the mixers. Roll two different six-sided dice- one for the alcohol, and one for the mixers. Combine the alcohol and mixer that corresponds to the number on each die in equal parts in a shot glass. Face your fate.

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